India to ban surrogacy services to foreigners

Views: 0 | January 23rd, 2016

Authorities of the country have banned foreigners to have children from Indian women.

The Government of India will ban foreigners to use women as surrogate mothers.

Citizens of other countries have increasingly resorted to a very cheap possibility to have kids using the services of Indian women.

India’s surrogacy business is estimated at nine billion rupees ($138 million) and growing at 20 per cent a year.

Opponents of surrogate motherhood urged the authorities to prohibit exploitation of “rent-a-womb” young and poor girls on the legislative level.

The Government informed that it “does not support commercial surrogacy”, claiming that now only Indian couples can ask about the service and become a full-fledged family.

The cost of surrogacy in India generally ranges from about $18,000 to $30,000, of which around $8,000 goes to the surrogate mother.

Now only citizens of the country can adopt a child from a surrogate mother, depriving foreigners of the same rights.

Let us recall that this procedure is also prohibited by law in Austria, Germany, Norway, Sweden, France and some states of the USA.