(English) Surrogacy gift. Woman gives birth to her granddaughter!

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A 54-year-old American woman became a surrogate mother for the child of her daughter.

Kelley McKissack, 28-year-old, Texas, and her husband, Aaron, had been unsuccessfully trying to have a baby for three years, including using In Vitro Fertilisation. During that time Kelley experienced three miscarriages, the last of them – on Christmas 2014.

According to Tracey Thompson, 54, she could not stand the grief of her daughter and the son-in-law, which resulted into the unexpected proposal – to become a surrogate mother for their child.

„My lovely mom offered to give me to greatest gift I could ever have in my life,“ said the daughter.

Despite the age, Tracy’s health turned out excellent, and doctors came to believe that she would cope with the challenge.

Kelcey McKissack, a healthy 6-pound-11-ounce baby girl, was born on January 6 by Caesarean section at The Medical Center of Plano in Texas.

„I am so glad that I was able to do it for my daughter,“ – said Tracy.

It seems that she is not planning to repeat this experience anymore.

„I’ve had enough!“- Tracy said when asked if the parents want Kelcey to have a brother or sister.