Being in search of a dependable agency often raises a litany of questions that only a fully qualified and professional consultant would be able to answer. Our agency is deemed to employ those people who can inform you on all basic steps on your way to having a healthy child. What do we need to start? How IVF is done? Do we get to meet our surrogate? How do you select a donor? All those questions are questions that are frequently asked and answered by our specialists depending on what kind of program you choose; or in case you get ready to donate your own biological material, namely ova, you will be informed on kind of medicine you will have to use during the stimulation process, when to do the checkups and how to correctly understand and render the information you have to those involved in your stimulation process.

Every step of the way you will be in touch with the coordinator from the Agency appointed for your case. He/she will be your liaison with the clinic and/or chosen surrogate during the whole program and eventually will become your close friend who will help you to relax during the process, and will resolve every conflict or uncertainty that might surge on your way.