(English) Surrogacy gift. Woman gives birth to her granddaughter!

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A 54-year-old American woman became a surrogate mother for the child of her daughter.

Kelley McKissack, 28-year-old, Texas, and her husband, Aaron, had been unsuccessfully trying to have a baby for three years, including using In Vitro Fertilisation. During that time Kelley experienced three miscarriages, the last of them – on Christmas 2014.

According to Tracey Thompson, 54, she could not stand the grief of her daughter and the son-in-law, which resulted into the unexpected proposal – to become a surrogate mother for their child.

« My lovely mom offered to give me to greatest gift I could ever have in my life, » said the daughter.

Despite the age, Tracy’s health turned out excellent, and doctors came to believe that she would cope with the challenge.

Kelcey McKissack, a healthy 6-pound-11-ounce baby girl, was born on January 6 by Caesarean section at The Medical Center of Plano in Texas.

« I am so glad that I was able to do it for my daughter, » – said Tracy.

It seems that she is not planning to repeat this experience anymore.

« I’ve had enough! »- Tracy said when asked if the parents want Kelcey to have a brother or sister.