Pregnancy supervision

This aspect of the program is as important as all the previous ones so in no case it is neglected or barred from our close attention.

Every consult, ultrasound examination, doctor’s advice, etc. will be pointed out and delivered to you by our coordinators in such a manner that you will be able to understand and almost to feel what your surrogate feels.

On the day of you first ultrasound we create you a personal web page here, in our site, where all the necessary information, screenings, ultrasounds etc. will be uploaded for you to have it all in one place and always at hand.

As we have already stated the coordinator of your program will be constantly in touch and in case of complications or contingencies he/she will resolve the hardship and immediately inform you on everything which is happening to your surrogate and the baby she is carrying for you.

One month before labor you will be given approximate dates on which you will have to arrive into Ukraine to witness the birth of your child. Note that you will be constantly accompanied by a translator and coordinator of your program. Often both of those qualities are coupled in one person for your and our convenience.