The first step to take before the IVF procedure is to choose a donor, if needed, and a Gestational Carrier to carry your offspring. After both of the women are selected and completely prepared for the program our marvelous doctors start to do their magic. This involves coordination of menstruation cycles of both women and this effect can be attained through continuous administration of contraceptive pills. The process usually takes 22 days to complete itself. After this step is completed we wait for the first menstruation day of both women and starting from the day it comes we simultaneously prepare the endometrium of the Surrogate and commence donor’s stimulation to grow follicles inside her ovaries. Both of those procedures take approximately 12 to 18 days.

On the day of ovarian puncture our doctors retrieve ova from the full grown follicles and fertilize them with the semen donated by the Client. 5 days after that we transfer 1 to 3 embryos into the uterine cavity of the chosen Surrogate Mother and in 2 weeks perform a blood test to confirm she is pregnant.

Note that all the embryos that were not transferred to the Surrogate will be frozen via vitrification technique and in case of a negative outcome in your first transfer you will be able to defrost them and perform another transfer.

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