As to Ukrainian legislation every couple who wants to initiate a surrogacy program has to be legally married, and this law concerns not only Ukrainians but foreign couples as well.

For some of those foreign couples our standards acknowledge marriage certificate only after being endorsed by an Apostille. This concerns USA, Denmark, Australia, Spain, etc.

Note, also that among the documents we will need to commence your program there should be a medical certificate to corroborate impossibility of your couple to have children any other way except this one.

*For more detailed information please contact our team.

Also, and as the laws of your native country are valid as well as ours and will have repercussions on the posterior registration process it is of grave importance to attain to those requirements before even getting into the program, that is why after talking to our managers, you will have a conversation with one of our lawyers to understand what legal procedure will have to be done after the labor.

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