Multidisciplinary medical company ilaya in Kiev

Medical ilaya company began its history in 2011. During this time we managed to acquire the image of a competent, dynamic and responsible team, and our services are appreciated by more than 5,000 customers – the citizens of Ukraine and foreign countries.

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“Mother and Child”

“Mother and Child” is an international network of reproductive health centers. Our clinics are specialized in infertility treatment, prenatal care, prenatal diagnostics, gynecology and mammology. Every year the “Mother and Child” reproductive health clinic helps hundreds of married…

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Reproductive Genetics Clinic «Victoria»

Reproductive Genetics Clinic «Victoria» is one of the leading private centers on issues in the field of infertility treatment in Ukraine. Founded in 2007, as an expert level medical facility with a view to provide wide range of Medical services and Laboratory investigations, necessary…

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